About the Author


This site is ALWAYS under construction.


I was born in Arvada Colorado too many years ago, spent most of my youth in central Indiana, moved back to CO, then to NM, then back home and currently live in Aurora.
I am a computer technician by trade, a real "wrench head". I have to dissect every piece of hardware, each operating system, and each application I use.

In the past, I have
a) served in the USAF during the VietNam era supporting the F111D at Cannon AFB, NM in the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing.
b) instructed student pilots and flown charters to 21 states I can recall.
c) been a corporate pilot for a national company.
d) raised two very wonderful daughters.
e) been a double diamond skier until a hip replacement slowed me down some.
f) met many strange, amusing, amazing, and WONDERFUL people.

For mild entertainment, I enjoy reading (voraciously).
For WILD entertainment, I fly aerobatics near Boulder and hope to compete someday.

When I grow up, I want to be....hmmm - I need to think about that.

The idea for this site came about while reading the CNN news online about the original site. I contacted that organizer and immediately registered to create a similiar site for the Denver Metro (Dec 2007).

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.